This is Ryan and Shays little guy... What a good little boy! We put him through a lot of work tonight but he was pretty happy through most of it. He's also very strong for so young - 6 months!

Senior Pics

Senior Pictures tonight with Tray - I've done both of his cousins sr pics also. He's very handsome and what a personality! Got a lot of fun ones. I work with his Mom - Deb.

Perfect Visit!

What a great night with great friends! Mark & Gretchen were home from Florida so Rick and Pam had a cookout - yumm…. Steak, baked potatoes etc. etc. and some of Barts homemade wine. ( Not that I'd drink it )  Ashley & Cody came with Braelyn and got a few of her - cept' she's on the move now and didn't hold still long, that's Bart that got in the way.  She's gettin' so big! Here's Rick, Bart and Mark too. Looks like Mark is hitting Bart upside the head!

'Lil' Stinker!

My friend Jolenes niece . . . She did NOT want to pose for pictures ! But what a cutie, I got a lot of good ones of her and her bro!

Happy Fall (y'all)

Officially Fall…. not MY favorite time - I prefer the summer heat! Rick came over and we put up the haystack, now to put my mums in the wheelbarrow, get a fresh hay bale and I'll have a set for Saturdays shoot. Pumpkins are homegrown - our garden- and the only 2 we yielded.

SrPics - Issac

Lots of Fun tonight, Issac was our next-door neighbor when we lived in W'loo. He was just a little boy… and now he's a lil cutie. Teen idol material!

Perfect Light!

Poor Bart  - my senior for tonight postponed until Friday night and it would have been a PERFECT night for pictures, so he had to fill in for a pic. I'm getting a few 'real' jobs this month. 2 seniors next week and a family the week after. Woohoo! Can I hope for such perfect weather??